If you need to create documentation of your actionscript, chances are high that you already are familiar with FlashDevelop.

To make the integration between Ortelius and FlashDevelop easy, a plugin for FlashDevelop has been developed. All you do is to install the plugin (copy it to the plugin folder in the folder where FlashDevelop is installed) and the next time you open FlashDevelop a new menu item under the Tools menu appears.

This new menu item lets you jump directly from FlashDevelop to Ortelius. It loads all the new actionscript files you have made and you only need one click to create documentation of your actionscript classes.

Setting the path for Ortelius
You need to set the path to ortelius.exe, to be able to jump to Ortelius. By default it is set to 'C:\Program Files\Ortelius\Ortelius.exe'. If Ortelius is installed som where else you can change it under Tool>Program settings>Ortelius