actionscript documentation toolWe all know it. Creating documentation of our actionscript or javascript  projects isn't exactly our first priority. The Ortelius - actionscript and javascript documentation generator, is a tool that ease the task of creating documentation.

This actionscript and javascript documentation generator is an easy-to-use tool to generate html documentation of your actionscript or javascript code. This documentation makes it easier to use your javascript files or actionscript classes & actionscript or javascript API, within your different projects.

For both Javascript and Actionscript
Ortelius can be used to generate both Actionscript documentation and JavaScript documentation. When you start a new project, you just choose which language you wants to generate documentation for. When you are generating documentation for JavaScript you will have to add a few more javadoc tags, since the documentation is generated purely from the JavaDoc tags and not the code. When you are generating documentation from ActionScript the code is analysed and the javadoc informationen are added as extra information.

Ortelius documentation is Javadoc tags based

Ortelius uses javadoc tags in the code to add information about a  class, interface, property or method. The information you write in theese tags is extracted by the generator and put in to a html documentation of your actionscript classes or javscript files.
Since javascript and actionscript are different, there is also diferrence in how you use javadoc tags in the two langauges:
>> See how to use javadoc tags in your as3 code 
>> See how to use javadoc tags in your JavaScript code

Easy to make documentation

Ortelius is very easy to use, with a simple graphical interface. To generate html documentation of your actionscript or javascript only takes 3 simple steps. 
>> The 3 steps

Easy to understand documentation
The documentation you generate with this tool is made in html, and is easy to overview with the classes structured in a namespace tree strucutre.

Its free & opensource
Ortelius is free to download and use, and you can download the source code from google code (C# & .NET).
>> Go to Google code

Documentation example
Click here to see an example of the documentation of actionscript code that the Ortelius generator creates.
It is the swfjunkie Tweetr actionscript libary for using the twitter api.